Welcome to Hydrology.UK, hydrological and water resources consulting with a difference!

We have a passion for all things water - in its land-based natural environment - be that springs, streams, burns, becks, brooks, bournes, rivers, ponds, lakes, reservoirs or under the ground. Not just on or under the land, but above it also - rainfall, storms, droughts, evapotranspiration. And at all scales, from gardens and plots, through small catchments to river basins, and on to regional assessments. Each requires its own different approach.

Our difference is that we consider integrity in our dealings with people, coupled with meticulous investigation of data, to be central to all our endeavours. That means being professional, open, friendly and candid with everyone who approaches us, whether you are an individual, or represent a company or consultancy, a water utility, an NGO or a government organisation. It means analysing problems carefully, looking circumspectly at issues, and offering solutions based on hard deterministic science or best statistical probability, or a mixture of both, as the situation requires. But, since comprehensive data are rarely available, often it also requires something else - intuitive insight based on experience. That is the nature of hydrology!

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Who Are We?

Robert P C Brown

Robert Brown is an experienced hydrologist. He has a working knowledge of water resources, resource system modelling, Aquator resource modelling and support, probabilistic yield assessment of river and reservoir systems, low flows, flow regime analysis, arid zone flood hydrology and modelling, flood frequency/magnitude analysis, rainfall frequency analysis, hydrological modelling, HYSIM catchment modelling, groundwater/river flow interactions, MIKE11 river modelling, environmental river flows, FORTRAN and MS VBA programming and software development.

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Jamie Brown

Jamie recently graduated and is currently looking to expand his experience in the Environmental sector. Presently he works for a hydrology consultancy as an environmental hydrologist. He has previously worked as a Water Resources technician for ESW and an assistant hydrologist to a hydrology consultancy which has allowed him to acquire a wide range of skills in and out of the office from collecting river samples to handling large amounts of data and graphical modelling of long time-series.