We have been involved in the pioneering of the ecology/hydrology interface in the UK since its earliest days in the late 1980s. For example our staff developed the first Environmentally Acceptable Flow Regime in the UK (on the River Darent in Kent). Similarly we were involved in the first ever use of the PHABSIM computer model in the UK (developed by the US Fish & Wildlife Service to assess the influence of river flows on instream fish and macroinvertebrate physical habitats), including experimental field work, derivation of habitat preference curves for UK conditions, and undertaking the computer simulations.
We offer assessment of flow requirements for instream ecological habitats, including:

  • River habitat surveys
  • Instream flow/velocity/depth/habitat profiling
  • Physical HABitat SIMulation (PHABSIM) computer modelling
  • Ecologically acceptable flow regime derivation

In addition, we are able to work closely with aquatic biologists and/or river engineers to offer more comprehensive assessments and solutions to improving river-corridor and instream biodiversity and ecological resilience.