Hydrological Services

Our hydrological services cover the quantitative aspects of the occasional occurence and ongoing presence of water in the natural environment, from the extremes of storms, floods and droughts, to the assessment of the 'normally' experienced range of flows (flow regime) and climatic conditions. It can also include the effects of climate change.

The principle types of data involved are rainfall, river flows, ground water levels, and evapotranspiration. Depending on the nature of the study, soil and aquifer properties may also be important, as may instream ecological and habitat parameters.

Various techniques are employed:

  • Data collation and assessment from existing sources such as the Environment Agency, Met Office, National River Flow Archive, and historical and anecdotal reports
  • Data gathering through site visits, stream flow measurement, and habitat assessment
  • Computer modelling - both hydrological (rainfall-runoff) and hydraulic (wave propogation and transmission)
  • Statistical and probabilistic analysis


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Hydrological services